Because of technology’s stealthy and relentless progress, today there are many people whose entire music collection exists in the forms of zeroes and ones. Internet access to countless live video tutorials and cheap editing software has not only slowed down a guitar part but kept in the original key play backward or even upside down. Say it in one way or the other, things have never been easier or more fun for guitarists. For guitarists who want to record their work, the software has completely taken the place of the traditional valve-powered guitar amplifier. Fender invented the guitar amplifier over six decades ago. Since then, it has experimented with blending both technologies in amps. The Fender Super Champ X2 review provides what the amplifier entails.

Fender Super Champ X2
Fender Super Champ X2

Technologies such as the Cyber Twin, Mustang, Bronco, and GDEC. It is this experimentation of Fender, which brings this new addition, the Super Champ X2. This amplifier taps into Fender’s popular FUSE software portal. The Super Champ X2 rig looks at any other modern Fenders. It has a smartly finished cabinet that is borrowed from the early ’60s ‘Blackface’ era.

Super Champs X2’s styling that sports a flat aluminum badge and slightly downsized reflector knobs to keep everything in proportion. Inside the amplifier’s steel chassis, the electronics are mostly PCB-based. Everything looks clean, tidy, and robust enough to handle non-stop gigging for hours. Super Champ X2 has a special tube amp that is found in the overdrive channel. This tube amp is equipped with a Voice knob and digital effects. Whilst, the Voice knob lets you choose between 16 different types of voices that cover classic Blackface and Tweed models, as well as other American and British style tones. The digital effects section features 15 essential effects that include modulation, reverb, tremolo, delay, and more.


15 watts of rich, dual-channel tube amp sound is combined with modern extras such as versatile amp voicing and a wide selection of digital effects in this amplifier. This combination makes the operating of the amplifier simple. The amplifier is overall, flexible, and also offers easy computer connectivity because of which one can also customize the amp’s voicing and effects according to the taste.

Because the amplifier can create unlimited tones, the guitarist’s rehearsal and recording sessions are bound to come alive with the Super Champ X2. This amplifier is made in Ensenada, Mexico. There’s a handy tap button in the Super Champ X2 that enables one to manually select the delay time. In case if you have delay selected or the modulation rate for chorus and rotary speaker effects, the amp has got you completely covered. X2’s rear panel is relatively sparse and features a single speaker outlet. There is a line out for its connection to recording or PA equipment. In addition, there is a jack for the optional two-button footswitch, which selects channels and bypasses the effects.

The most significant rear panel feature of X2 is the USB socket. A direct connection to your PC/Mac and interfacing with Fender’s FUSE software, X2’s unique feature makes it the best that is offered in the name of amplifiers. Using this program one can change preamp voices and effects defaults. One can also if he/she wishes to, get into deep editing of certain effects and amp parameters and stream audio from the X2 into your computer/DAW. You will get a free entry into the Fender community, once the amp is registered. Free entry means, lots of access to backing tracks and amp setting information. Overall, the Super Champ X2 looks like any Fender amp should i.e. smart, solid, dependable, and easy to use.


Read the features listed in this Fender Super Champ X2 review to understand what the amplifier entails.

  1. 15-Watts of Power: Produced by the dual-6V6 tube.
  2. 10” Fender Special Design Speaker: Gives a combination of amp tone that sounds dynamic and rich.
  3. 16 Different Amp Types: Has settings for heavy metal, British, and tweed hot rod.
  4. USB Output: This allows an easy connection to your computer.
  5. Compatible with FUSE Software: Unleashes unlimited voicing and effects possibilities.
  6. 15 In-Built Effects including reverb, tremolo, chorus, and delay.
  7. Compact Size and Portable Weight: 15” in height and a weight of 24 lbs.
  8. Special Design Impedance: 8
  9. Ohms Controls: Volume 1, Channel Select, Gain, Volume 2, Voice, Treble, Bass, F/X Adjust, F/X Select, and one tap line out.
  10. Line Out Dimensions: 15″ x 17.5″ x 9.2″ (38.1 x 44.5 x 23.3 cm)

What Makes Fender Super Champ X2 Special?

Fender mixes traditional tube amplification and modern digital processing with each other. Super Champ X2, is a true 15-Watt tube amplifier section, with a 12AX7 and two 6V6 tubes that drive a 10″ speaker. The amplifier is expected to reproduce Fender’s signature clean tone nicely on channel 1.

X2 is powered by a pair of 6V6 output valves and with a single 12AX7 driver. This amplifier boasts a digital front end with two channels. The clean channel of X2 offers a generic ‘Blackface’ tone and features single volume control. The drive channel controls consist of gain and volume knobs, along with a voicing knob that selects 16 different voice coverings. These 16 offerings have some of the most well-known amp tones – vintage and modern, American, and British. Apart from the shared treble and bass controls, there’s another knob called FX select that offers a choice of 16 effects, with an FX adjust knob that is to vary the main parameter i.e. the effect level.


Generally, amps that have a digital front end, lack the valve output and vice versa. Champ X2, theoretically provide the best of both worlds. It combines excellent versatility and programmability with power and a wide dynamic range.

  • Channel number one has sparkle associated with the Fender ‘Blackface’ amps from the early-to-mid-’60s, with a sweet treble. It has a smooth bass response and a tight, restrained mid-range that makes up for a perfect rhythm part.
  • Channel two features 16 different clean and overdriven voicings that approximate most of the favorites from Fender’s back catalog including a few obligatory extras. All of these prove to be surprisingly sweet and very responsive. Favorites here include the dirty/compressed tweed Deluxe and ’65 Deluxe voicings. It also has some of the heavier rock and metal tones that tend to be towards fizz, but remain highly usable.

More About Sound

The effects make or break great sounds on digital amps, and the 16 effects loaded in the Super Champ X2 are excellent! They provide great basic sounds with no danger of getting bogged down in endless parameters.

The Vibratone rotary speaker simulation and the reverb/delay combination is a joy. All you need to do is, simply select your effect and then tweak it to taste with the FX adjust knob – there is no ‘store’ function because there are no presets and no MIDI control. The Super Champ X2 does remember your last settings at power off. There’s more than enough power in the amplifier for small unamplified gigs, credit for which goes to the pair of 6V6s. And not to forget the nicely tuned 1 x 12 enclosure.

For swapping channels and bypassing the effects you’ll need to buy a two-button footswitch that Fender hasn’t included in the package. X2’s specialty is recording.


The FUSE software means you can dig a little deeper into the preamp’s settings and tweak features such as bias and power amp sag and edit extra effects parameters. After downloading this, it installs quickly and runs smoothly on our Windows 7 PC. Moreover, the graphics of this software are smart and laid out flawlessly on the screen.

The universal ASIO driver behaves smoothly and makes every recording trouble-free. In addition, all the recorded tones are authentic, the overdrives respond well to picking dynamics and the reverbs are smooth and detailed. Champ X2 is certainly a step up from many current digital effects products. The heavier distortion tones are just decent generic rock/metal stuff and some of the classic Fender amp models are also very convincing. Super Champ X2 is aimed at the home recording guitar player who wants to step out and play the occasional small gig.

The amplifier is built to last and is good-looking too. While X2 is certainly not the greatest live digital guitar amp out there, the 6V6 power stage gives the amp an edge over many solid-state products. There aren’t that many amps that combine these features as well as the Fender’s Super Champ X2. And those that are in the market, aren’t available at a price at which X2 is available.


One of the many concerns that today’s musicians have with digital technology is that equipment comes with a lot of controls. Champ X2 doesn’t turn you into a DJ instead, the X2 provides an easy-to-understand interface. The amplifier design focuses on beginners’ goals.

Fender Super Champ X2 Controls
Fender Super Champ X2 Controls

You get a speaker out, a line out, and a footswitch connector, and a speaker of the footswitch connector. Also, you must get a footswitch with this amp if you want to push it to its potential. This will make your playing game a whole lot simpler and sweeter.

The 10-inch Fender-designed speaker is great for recording and other small venues. However when you want is to play for a much larger crowd or keep up with a drummer, we highly recommend you replace the speaker with something that’s more powerful. But even without an upgrade, The amplifier still performs clean and great for most of your needs.

Fender Super Champ X2 Review – Pros/Cons

The Fender Super Champ X2 review illustrates the pros and cons of the amplifier to help readers make an informed decision.

  • Fender Super Champ X2 is highly versatile with a lot of good tones and sounds very good when recorded. In fact, it is excellent when used with FUSE software.
  • Because the amplifier has 15 watts of hybrid tube power, it means that the amplifier can actually help you learn a lot of songs in your bedroom. Because it can be used comfortably for rehearsals and even small gigs too and this is an added benefit.
  • The Super Champ X2 is incredibly versatile and has a huge range of tonal possibilities. Because the amplifier hooks up to FUSE software, it enables you to make this amp create any tone you want, regardless of genre.
  • Super Champ X2 is extremely affordable.
  • The amplifier is tiny in size and low weight. This doesn’t take up much space and it can be easily transported, whether that is to rehearsals or gigs.
  • Some guitarists have concerns regarding the vibration coming from the speaker. This is, however, not a common complaint.
  • The amplifier lacks an included footswitch.
  • There are a few users who find some of the high gain tones to be lacking the luster that other amplifiers produce.

Fender Super Champ X2 Review – The Conclusion

In bringing physical amp hardware with a software interface, as the Super Champ X2 does, the guitarist cannot stay unsatisfied. Expecting the ultimate amp at this affordable price would be a big big mistake.

From the Fender Super Champ X2 review, you must have got an idea of what the amplifier is all about. Fender is one of the only largest musical instrument manufacturers in the world for a reason. This company knows the market that it operates in. And because it’s a company that manufactures, both the instrument as well as its gear, it surely knows what the player demands are. The Super Champ X2 sits above the level as if it’s the next step up from a solid-state practice amplifier. It’s sure to expand a player’s horizons.

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