There aren’t any scarcity of semi-hollow body guitars in the market. One can pay impressively to find the most amazing sounding instrument. However, those who do not want to pay more yet wish to play a quality semi-hollow guitar may like to look at Ibanez AM93. There are many confusions related to finding the cheap semi-hollow guitar as many think it’s not possible. Let’s just expect that these guys have never played with AM93. The Ibanez AM93 review talks about the various benefits of choosing this guitar over others. Created for music loves, who like to try different genres, this offering is not like any other budget-friendly guitars that sound low. On the contrary, it amuses those who understand the significance of affordability matching such tone standard.

Ibanez AM93
Ibanez AM93

You may find a lot of similar guitars offering great prices. But when it comes to quality, most of these fail to produce the desired results. Moreover, the performance also lags behind miserably, making the cheap instruments a complete waste of money. Hence, you must choose the first guitar with high precision. Being vigilant would help you find out the one that sits right for your playing goals. Unless you have found your taste in music, it isn’t wise to pay for an expensive instrument. So, stick to the basics and start with the guitar that gives you the freedom to play freely and learn faster with ease, while keeping the budget low.

Always remember, you must not compare a budget guitar with a professional one. Because that would not be justified. Hence, the Ibanez AM93 review is based purely on what the guitar is capable to accomplish. Instead of looking at what it could have done like other expensive alternatives.


As guitarists call it, AM93 is among the few flagship models the company manufactures. It is the best one from the AM series of semi-hollow bodied guitars. The AM series provides players with ease of strumming and practicing offering slightly smaller body contours. However, it does not affect the sound quality at all. On the contrary, you can expect these to play with full strength, given the power of their active humbuckers.

AM93 is a double-cut guitar. The entire guitar is of quilted maple. To complete the looks, the company has used creme binding on the maple top. The glossy appearance that comes from the entire structure provides an energetic look in itself. Its antique yellow sunburst color takes the looks even further.

To know what the guitar entails in its complete package, you must read the Ibanez AM93 review till the end. You would be amazed by the way Ibanez has come up with this beautiful and highly performing cheap semi-hollow bodied guitar. In addition, it gives players an edge to their learning progress. With a slightly smaller body, it suits all age groups of guitarists. Even those with smaller hands.


You must be counting on the specification of the guitar after realizing that this isn’t cheap in performance but only in the budget. And, you should expect the same. The guitar is constructed to provide its users with some of the best moments of practicing.

Hence, here is the list of a few of the major specs you must care for when purchasing Ibanez AM93.

  • It features a double-cut design
  • The guitar features a hollow body
  • It has artcore shake
  • You can expect to get the double-cutaway construction
  • The entire guitar is constructed using quilted maple
  • It has ART-1 and Tune-0-Matic bridge
  • You get two pickups
  • It possesses active humbucker pickups
  • AM93 offers volume and tone control
  • The neck comprises of maple and mahogany
  • It makes use of rosewood fingerboard
  • In total there are 22 frets
  • It offers pearl inlays
  • You can play your favorite notes using six strings
  • Not to forget, the 3-way pickup selector does a great job
  • Scale length: 24-3/4
  • Nut width: 1.69-inch n


Ibanez is a popular name when it comes to offering electric guitars for beginners. The company has come along very far with huge experience in crafting some nice instruments. Unlike the typical semi-hollow electric guitar, the sound isn’t unimpressive. On the other hand, it adds more colors to your tone quality. The sound isn’t anywhere close to the typical semi-hollow electric guitar.

The fact that Ibanez keeps its attention on producing better sounding guitars is reflected in this series as well. To make this guitar sound better than most of the typical alternatives, Ibanez has combined electronics with tonewoods for obtaining different genres through the guitar. And, you won’t even feel that you are pushing the instrument too hard to accomplish the playing goals. The guitar possesses versatility sound and feels amazing when played. You will experience great tonal qualities that Ibanez is known for offering.


You may not be any more impressed than the way this guitar makes itself so much playable. What not? You get the best experience of playing a semi-hollow bodied guitar. While we have already read it multiple times in the Ibanez AM93 review, let’s highlight the fact once again. This isn’t a typical hollow guitar, but a unique one. You would find it much easier to play with this specific design rather than on any other variant.

This is because of the slightly smaller body construction that makes it easier for beginners and youngsters to reach the difficult frets. Moreover, the guitar offers great ease of playing. With its slimmer looks and great impact, you would find it leading you through the strings themselves.

The comfort that the guitar provides while playing is commendable. You can play within for hours without feeling any strain or stress. In other words, the guitar is easier to hold on to for hours. You would feel the difference when playing with this SM93, given that you have tried a typical semi-hollow guitar before.

Plus, the string action is as desirable as possible. You will find it easier to play without any problem. Beginners can enjoy the feel and ease of playing with this amazingly styled and constructed electric guitar, offering nuances of benefits to the guitarists.

The Controls

If you did not like the Ibanez guitar you played in the past, it is time to give this company one more try. This is because Ibanez has created AM93 broking its own league. Let our know-how with this Ibanez AM93 review. Breaking its standard protocol, Ibanez designed the guitar for better control over its rhythms and notes. It is also not like most of the typical semi-hollow guitars. So, it does deserve a say and you must try it once before making a decision.

The guitar does not follow the typical vintage Bigsby style configuration. Rather, Ibanez has introduced a standard Tune-o-Matic bridge along with a one-stop bar to provide a different kind of experience to its users.

Now, do not consider this option as a professional level guitar, as the company has focused on providing a budget guitar. And, it excels from that standpoint. It does offer higher reliability with sturdy and functional hardware while keeping the instrument simple to use.


The company offers a set of vintage style pickups. These are installed for allowing musicians a variety of tone flavors including jazz. One can easily play jazz, feeling the great work that the guitar does when producing favorable sound for this specific music style. It is not at all uncomfortable and offers a better experience.

You can expect the Custom 58 pickups to do the magic they are expected to perform. The Custom 58 pickups when coupled with this guitar embodying semi-hollow structure, gives the instrument a natural warmth. Moreover, keeping the note crispier and definitive.

Because of high-quality electronics, the guitar can switch to different genres of music. On AM93, musicians can practice versatile styles including blues, country, metal, rock, classic rock, and many others.

If possible, do not categorize the instrument for playing only metal as it would take away its beauty. In case you wish to stay uniform with your musical genre, you may consider a more specific instrument. With this one, enjoy every bit of music switching from jazz to rock and to other styles. You can consider this guitar best for those trying to explore their favorite musical style.

Build Quality

Build quality of AM93 is again a plus point of this instrument. It is not that bulky as you would expect a classic semi-hollow guitar to be. Rather, it is slimmer and has better body construction than most of the cheap guitars in the market. Hence, it does fit best for those who are learning music and still needs to hone their skills to become a professional player.

The guitar is a mixture of two variants. More likely, you can count it as a hybrid of two instrument types. Hence, offering the guitarists easier to hold an instrument with better specifications.

Instead of going for a cheap tonewood variant, the company chose to go with quilted maple for the top, the back, as well as the sides of the guitar. Even for the neck, Ibanez has not compromised for cheap quality material. The neck comprises of three-piece maple with the mahogany wood combination. Making its look and feel as sturdy and balanced as possible. You can find the guitar stable when playing. Thanks to the materials and design combination that makes AM93 a suitable instrument for many needs.

The instrument makes a huge hit among beginners as well as highly impresses experts who are aware of the flaws of cheap semi-hollow guitars. You can enjoy the music while flaunting the amazing build quality of AM93. And, keep getting better with an exciting experience of playing on this wonderful instrument.

Ibanez AM93 Review: Pros/Cons

Although the guitar has many amazing qualities, it does possess a few limitations. And, to provide an unbiased Ibanez AM93 review, we must go through both sides of the coin.

  • The guitar is very sturdy and balanced to play.
  • It creates wonderful tonal quality.
  • You can switch between different genres of music including jazz, metal, and many others.
  • Maple body with an amazing gloss finish.
  • Reliable hardware and controls to provide a better experience to the players.
  • Make great option for beginners and other levels of musicians.
  • Easy and comfortable to play.
  • Slightly smaller body counter providing easy reach to frets.
  • Produces amazing tonal quality offering versatility.
  • It does not sound low or unimpressive. Rather produces a warmer sound.
  • Affordable semi-hollow guitar.
  • It is not as good as professional guitars

The Conclusion

Guitarists often look for the right guitar to make them sound rarer and unique. Not every player can attain that specific goal as a beginner. The instrument must stay a little better than the usual alternatives. While looking for budget guitars, you must follow a thumb rule. Never expect to get the results of a professional instrument.

The cheap instruments are constructed for different goals. They are designed to help beginners carry their practice while feeling comfortable with the notes. Shifting on different frets and using the different finger combinations may not come naturally as a starter. But it happens with time. Some take more time than usual. And, the reason often comes down to the wrong selection of guitars.

The cheap priced instruments do not always have great electronics or hardware. They lack the edge that the expensive options provide. However, some of the alternatives are better than others. And, Ibanez is one such option.

It lets the user find the best combination of budget and quality. And, the Ibanez AM93 review highlights all the points that make this guitar worth trying. In addition, you can play this instrument and find the difference yourself. With great design and color combinations, the players can find their long-awaited instrument with an affordable price tag. Also, as the guitar offers a versatile genre of music with great tonal quality, beginners can also dive deeper to know the style they would prefer to master as they grow. Hence, a complete package for starters as well as few seasoned players who love to try affordable options too.

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