Have you ever wondered why it is always difficult to choose among the budget-friendly guitars than to pick a premium one? This is mostly because the entry-level guitars are mostly cheap quality with undesirable tone quality while the expensive ones are mostly top-rated. So, how is Yamaha been able to stay so popular for decades for its affordable offerings? What is that which makes this company so different from other manufacturers? All the answers are in the Yamaha FG800 review. Looking at the various sides of this instrument, both good and bad, we can find out what is the hidden magic that always clicks when playing with this budget-friendly guitar.

Yamaha FG800
Yamaha FG800

As we already know that FG800 has been featured a lot many times for its striking quality within the lower price range, let us look more closely at what to expect. For those who do not know, Yamaha has come up with its new bracing for this specific guitar. And, this has become one of the most defining character of this guitar. Read the complete review to know what all things are implemented in its design to make FG800 one of the most unique offerings in the market.


Most of the beginners often fail to choose the entry-level guitar that could help them define their interest in music. One of the most common reasons for many learners to give up on their passion. There are plenty of things that matter when you are starting to learn a new skill. How easy it would be to adapt to the instrument? This would depend on the comfort and accessibility it provides while playing to the beginners.

Also, sound quality matters a lot. The blunt truth remains unrivaled – no beginner would spend thousands of dollars for a professional guitar to learn the ABC of the instrument. All begin with their affordable, entry-level choices. And, bumping to some cheap quality guitar would ultimately make the journey to top-notch guitarist league a hell lot difficult.

In this Yamaha FG800 review, we would find out if the guitar is capable enough to provide all the necessary privileges to the beginners who are just starting to rock and roll.


For most beginners as well as intermediate-level guitarists, FG800 seems to be one of the best options while offering good quality with an affordable budget. There are many features introduced in this version that make this guitar really different from other cheap options in the market. It features a solid Sitka spruce top. Isn’t that likely with the higher-priced guitars. This is something that provides an edge to FG800 and makes it look premium.

Moving on, the guitar produces a fuller tone that feels warm and stable. Thanks to the solid wood and not compromising with the standard laminates. In addition, the sides along with the back, and neck is designed of laminated nato. To complete its classic and sober look, the guitar fretboard is made with rosewood. Hence, offering users smooth sliding when playing their heart out.

There is More to Know

As mentioned before, the guitar also focuses on making itself unique in as many ways as possible. With its scalloping bracing pattern, the company has aimed to strengthens the top. This design inclusion has also resulted in improved bass frequencies along with clearer and farther sound projection.

To be precise, when playing with FG800, your listeners can feel the sound from far away as well. Plus, you would be delighted to vouch for the choice of material that Yamaha has made for a budget-friendly guitar. One who isn’t very experienced with guitars may confuse this variant to be one of the premium ones. And, the reason is very obvious. The material used is impressive and without a pinch of doubt, it does make this guitar look completely different from other cheap choices.

Not to forget, the neck is slimmer than most of the variants and is very comfortable to hold on to when playing with this striking choice.

More than just a toy guitar that you may throw away in a scrap after a year for an updated version, FG800 would stay close to you for years. And, it would surely accommodate your growing music needs.


It is not just us, but almost everyone who has ever played FG800 would agree to this. The Yamaha FG800 reviews by many users have also backed this claim that the guitar looks perfect when held. It provides a slimmer look with a natural aura to it. The looks are further enhanced through black bindings coupled with a glossy finish. And, to make no error, the guitar comes with a dark red pickguard which further gives the look a sharp touch. The contrasting theory always works, doesn’t it?

However, if you are looking for a different finish like sunburnt, you can choose the older models, still available with few vendors.


While everything seems so perfect for a budget-friendly guitar, what about hardware? Yamaha has again impressed us with the choice of hardware that competes with those available with high priced guitars. The components present in FG800 are high quality and provides reliability as well as consistency to the tone quality of this acoustic guitar.

Further, the headstock carries a set of sealed tuners with a die-cast chrome finish. These are well equipped to do their job by ensuring the guitar stays in tune. You will also notice a urea nut and saddle. And, to complete the look, it features a basic rosewood bridge to its bottom.


You must have always heard from the experts that they cannot judge an affordable acoustic guitar when used to the sound of the premium ones. It is difficult for experienced players to offer unbiased feedback. But that is different with Yamaha FG800. Everyone, either beginners or experts, like the way this guitar sounds. You can also feel the excitement in the tone when listening to the music generates from this amazing instrument. You may not ever be able to believe that it costs so low. While you can always bring in your suggestions for improvements, you would never be so satisfied with the way the price seemed so much balanced with the tone FG800 produces.

Unlike those toy guitars that often fail to carry their charisma for a few months, this one promises a long relationship. Many times, experts turn to this guitar when wanting to buy a cheap one for jamming or strumming.

It is no doubt that this guitar generates a sound that is impossible to find with most of the budget acoustic instruments. Not just the loud sound, but its resonance is appreciable as well. Thanks to its dreadnought shaped body coupled with Yamaha’s scalloped bracing. When compared with FG830, you may find it a little lighter in tone. But that is what makes it unique in its own way. It feels sweet and warm at the same time. Not everyone can believe that this guitar comes so cheap. The energetic sound is far beyond the experience of a budget guitar.


The problem that is common among budget guitars is the high string action. This makes it pretty difficult and hard for beginners to play smoothly on the guitar. It requires great finger strength as well as calluses power to defeat such settings. And, beginners often lack this strength. One develops these qualities after playing for quite a while. So, how to make it playable for beginners?

Yamaha does address the fact with complete potential. The truss rod can be adjusted accordingly to bring the action low. However, it is not that easy to access the truss rod without the specific tool that helps make the change in the settings of the truss rod. You may not have that handy. But experienced guitarists would own the tool needed to change the truss rod settings.

If you can ask for assistance, do not shy away. If you have tried playing with high action, you would right away feel a huge difference with the change in settings of the truss rod. Any professional who has experience in adjusting truss rod would be able to help. This would assist you in achieving optimal playability. Apart from that, the FG800 is easy to play and very comfortable to hold. You can try different variations, from standard strumming to advanced fingerstyle, this guitar would allow you to explore the different shades of music.

Moreover, the Yamaha FG800 reviews by experts have always talked about the 43mm nut width. This lets you play with complicated chords comfortably. Hence, this guitar is well suited for those having small fingers such as women as well as young guitarists. Plus, you cannot ignore the fast neck which comes with a moderate satin finish. This offers less friction when compared with the typical glossy varnish.

Who Can Play Yamaha FG800?

While anyone can choose this guitar, this is designed for specific audiences, in particular.

  • Anyone who is starting to learn guitar can choose FG800 without any doubt
  • If you wish to present a guitar to your teenage kid
  • Those wanting to gift it to someone with a limited budget
  • Experts can also use the guitar for practicing and jamming

Build Quality

Build quality is way more than expected. It is already mentioned a few times in the Yamaha FG800 review. the guitar has a charming body with high-quality hardware to complete the sturdiness of the entire setup. This means that the guitar can sustain a great life if taken good care of. Moreover, it is very well built with an amazing choice of material to make this guitar look more than just a budget guitar.

Not many companies offer such instruments at this price range. However, Yamaha has always startled us with its great design and selection of material for manufacturing its affordable instruments. A touch of Yamaha’s scalloping bracing pattern does the trick. You cannot be any more impressed than ever after checking out a guitar that stays within the limit of $200.

It offers great comfort while playing and has a decent look that seems not too flattering but composed and calm.

Yamaha FG800 Review – Pros/Cons

Bringing down the review to the dead end, assessing the pros and cons neck to neck. There is no instrument that does not have a few limitations and this one is no different. Here are a few of the pros and cons that you may like to notice before making the final decision.

  • FG800 is priced way less than it is worth. You can expect to achieve great value for the money you pay.
  • It is an amazing choice for beginners and those with small fingers.
  • The tuners’ settings last for long. Hence, does not require to be tuned more often.
  • You will enjoy every bit of it.
  • It does provide a satisfying feeling when played on.
  • Offers clear and resonating sound that reaches far lengths.
  • It provides consistent sound quality for long, without needing regular tuning.
  • Although it brings the lightweight concept in, nato isn’t a good choice of tonewood.
  • Lack of cutaway creates difficulty in reaching the lower fretboard.
  • Needs truss rod adjustment to bring the action low.

The Conclusion

A lot we have already discussed. The Yamaha FG800 guitar is one of the few affordable options that would not put your pocket under pressure yet will bring the musician hidden inside you. You can use this guitar for long and won’t complain about getting a new one, unlike most cheap guitars that fail to impress after you start understanding the ABC of guitar playing.

Although you may need to go through some settings routine before making it a comfortable paying option as a learner, it does paybacks for all the efforts. Keeping the budget low, the Yamaha FG800 does more than what it promises to do. You can check out the expert’s take on Yamaha FG800. You would know what the guitar entails, especially for beginners.

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