The company dates back to 1976. It was started by David Schecter in the US. However, after its inception, it did not get into guitar production right away. However, it stayed in replacement parts manufacturing for different guitars. They sold almost 400 different parts, after getting popular among their clients. Later in 1983, a group of businessmen brought Schecter guitars. That is when mass production started. It was then purchased by the Japanese company. With few years of keeping their production base in South Korea, they moved back to the US. The Schecter C1 Platinum review clarifies the different positive and negative aspects of using this particular guitar.


Today, the company features a huge range of electric as well as acoustic guitars. They also manufacture basses, the amp as well as effect pedals. And, Schecter has very well instilled its name within the guitar manufacturer niche.

Schecter C1 Platinum
Schecter C1 Platinum

The Schecter C-1 Platinum Electric Guitar is one of the most intriguing options and considered the guitar for metal musicians. From its appearance to the aggressive and vibrant tone, everything matches the expectation of the metal genre. It cannot be considered the most affordable choice. However, it is not one of the most affordable guitars, it isn’t very expensive either. One can consider it to be a mid-range option in terms of price.

And, on top of all, it does pay off when produces the most adorable sound you would fall in love with.


Unlike most of the guitar that seems fun but when played, disappoints completely, this one excels at both fronts. Not just the sound, but looks are also killing. It does look like a part of the metal genre.


As mentioned before, Schecter C1 Platinum isn’t just a guitar. It completes every metal band as it seems to be a part of that specific genre. When looking at the body of the guitar, the first thing that captures the attention is the black satin finish. Trust this, the look and feel of the body are beyond imagination. It seems inspiration to many.

C1 Platinum Body
Schecter C1 Platinum Body
C1 Platinum Body

The black satin finish starts from the back of the neck to the headstock. This amazing black color that extends to almost all parts of the guitar makes it look unique. The double-cutaway further adds to its awesomeness. Moreover, the design provides convenient access to the complete top frets.

What makes this guitar look a bit aggressive are the horns that extend from the cutaways. These are designed with sharp and pointed edges. However, safe enough to touch. Together the entire design looks special. Apart from the aggressive settings, the body does feature some of the standard parts. For example, white binding isn’t something unusual and can be found in this guitar as well. But it does add to its attraction.

If you are looking for a lightweight guitar, you may be disappointed to hold this one. The reason that this instrument is made of Mahogany, it weighs almost 20 pounds. For starters, it may feel tough to handle this heavy piece. But once you get used to it, nothing would suit you any better. It has an arched design. The plus side is that the guitar is quite slim. At the end of the panel of the guitar, you can find access to the battery port.


There is no compromise done in making the neck. Constructed with Maple in a three-piece design, it stuns those who feel that guitar is always better when one piece. You would be awed with the results though. Unlike the myth goes, this three-piece neck seems to be highly stable. Moreover, there seems to be tough and not mobile. It stays together and is attached tightly. The neck connects to the body without moving around. It has a truss rod too.

Schecter C1 Platinum Neck
Schecter C1 Platinum Neck

The neck is ‘C’ shaped while making you feel its thin design when you play along with the notes. In addition, it is fast to play. It measures 25.5 inches in length and carries a total of 24 jumbo frets. Understanding the benefits of using Rosewood for constructing fingerboard, that is found to be rich in oil, Schecter has made the right decision. It does have the rosewood fingerboard with binding on the edge.

To complete the design of the neck, the guitar comes with platinum inlays along with the fingerboard with inlay dots on top of it.

While talking about the comfort of holding the neck, you have to try playing the guitar to feel the same. It is a very well built neck with a sleek design that is aimed at providing fast playing. You can find the action to below. On the contrary, the fingerboard looks comparatively wider than the usual measurement of standard guitars. In short, the neck is designed to provide the highest level of comfort to the musicians while playing. Even after some extra weight, the guitar feels like a breeze when played, all thanks to the slim and easy to hold the neck.

The Hardware

Metal is not a sophisticated genre. And, the guitars made to be played by metal musicians must have high-quality hardware. Because these guitars are played at extremes and sometimes, maybe used a little extra, they must be sturdy enough to handle the stress.

To ensure that the settings stay undisturbed during the complete play, the company has included it’s Schecter locking tuners up at the headstock. These are designed for a better gearing ratio. Hence, one can expect it to stay stable for long. The fine-tuning is easy and stays for long. To improve the looks, these tuners are coated in satin chrome.

The bridge is wonderfully done too. With the Tune-o-Matic style, it carries the thru-body stringing design. However, the TOM bridge isn’t something that is as impressive as other parts of the guitar. But it does its job well. And, is reliable too. Some also did not like the thru-body stringing design. But that completely depends on personal choice. Overall, the hardware is sure of the tough quality to be able to sustain the pressure of being played harshly at times.

The Pickups

Haven’t we already charmed about the unbeatable combination of different parts that made this guitar look stylish and aggressive at the same time? But pickups decide if it is going to sound stronger too. Will the sound impress the same way the other components did?

To give you an overview, the guitar comprises a pair of EMG active humbuckers. 81/85 is certain to generate some fantastic noise. Unlike many other aggressive sounding guitars that lack softer touch, the EMG 81 was designed to play both the part with equal excellence. Noise surrounded by soothing softness. Schecter has achieved this goal by including a ‘rail’ magnet in its design. Rail magnets are the reason why this guitar sounds so smooth, even with such noisy sound. The effect produced is due to the rail magnet from where the sound is collected and not from the individual pole pieces.


Sound is what you will fall in love with this perfect metal guitarists’ partner. Without any doubt, it sounds magical. Either you love that screaming sound or wish to bend a bit low when playing on your notes, it is certain to produce a remarkably high output. Trust this, you will be overwhelmed. Do not forget to try cracking it a bit. That’s where the real power stuck. You can feel the aggression in its full intensity.

While most of us fail to see the softer side of this guitar as well. It makes it difficult to be recognized as a multi-talented instrument. In other words, this guitar could be used for other genres too such as country and other similar soft music. The Schecter C1 Platinum review gives us the idea of various ways this guitar could become a part of musicians with different styles of music. The sounds could be turned from aggressive beats to gentle and warm vows.

Isn’t that difficult to find an instrument that can jazz you up and then turn into metal aggression in a matter of seconds? It is quite impossible for most of the guitars out there. However, this one is way beyond those solo guitars that lack versatility.


Not every guitar gives you comfort that you desire as a musician. Playing for hours could be really tiring if you feel an extra weight latched on you. Thank god, you do not feel the same way when playing with C1 Platinum. It is comfortable, a lot. The guitar has an arched top providing guitarist with a feeling of comfort on the right hand.

As mentioned before, the C shaped neck is what makes it easy for musicians to play the guitar at a fast pace. Moreover, the pairing of the TOM bridge and an arched top guitar makes it easy to reach out to the strings in the most convenient way. You would be able to handle the smoother moves and performing palm muting styles.

While some have the impression that this kind of pairing isn’t very productive as per a few Schecter C1 Platinum reviews. But that is again a personal choice.

The Controls

The guitar has it all. What else you need when you have such great sound apart from three controls and a pickup selector switch. To match the other hardware, the controls are painted in chrome as well. The selector too is chrome, as you would expect. However, it comes with a black button.

Build Quality

The build quality is certainly appreciable. The company has done a great job of taking care of every little detail. However, as you know that perfection isn’t manageable so easy, you would find a few flaws in the way the guitar looks. It does play amazing and there is no compromise in its pliability. However, we were able to find a few spaces on this guitar where the guitar’s black finish bled into the binding on this guitar.

Something that one can ignore. But if you are very particular about every inch of the design, this flaw may disappoint you a little. But as said, there is no way the minor imperfection gets in the way the guitar sounds.

Schecter C1 Platinum Review – Pros and Cons

The Schecter C1 Platinum review aims to show both sides of the coins. Hence, here are the pros and cons of the Schecter C1 Platinum:


  • It looks great with a black stain finish
  • It plays fast, thanks to the C shaped neck.
  • Great tuning stability with comfortable playing experience.
  • Amazing EMG humbuckers.
  • Versatile Guitar with amazing shades of tones. You will fall in love with its aggressive sound that seems to turn gentle with the change in the playing mood


  • The guitar is only available in one color – Black. This is something that may bother those looking for different color options.
  • It is not a very affordable guitar and falls in the mid-range. This may make musicians feel paying a little extra as it does not have a huge list of features that many electric guitars of this price range offer.
  • The guitar is Korean built. While this must not be an issue for many. However, there are few who prefer to buy a guitar manufactured in the US.

The Conclusion

If you have checked this guitar out in person, you would not be able to forget the way it looked. It is really appealing to the eyes. The black satin finish that covers the body from all around gives it warmth. And, it compliments almost everyone’s character. You can hold and feel the way it looks.

Moreover, it is easy to play and create an aggressive sound that could catch attention in the blink of an eye. Those who prefer to play metal in its best form, won’t be able to ignore this real gem. The Schecter C1 Platinum review provides you with details of construction and aesthetics, but to feel the way it plays or sound, you must try it for yourself. It won’t disappoint you for sure.

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