The Yamaha F325 is among a few of the most affordable guitars with great sound and ease to help learners find their taste of music. Yamaha has other variants in the same F series. However, this one particular is very popular among beginners. Because of the many perks, the guitar offers to the players, it is highly in demand. Yamaha F325 review would list all the benefits and limitations of the instrument that makes it different from other choices.

Yamaha F325
Yamaha F325 Review

At this price, it is not that easy to find such a configuration and a combination of benefits. The dreadnought shape is attractive. Moreover, the guitar is lightweight and easy to handle. Most of the time, carrying a guitar while playing becomes the most tedious task. This is not the case with this beautiful master. Considering the sound, you will find it on the mellow side. The good news is that the sound isn’t too quiet and isn’t too loud. You get that perfect balance of tone texture that most guitarists enjoy while playing. If you have the urge to perform in front of a small group of audience, this is what you must choose.

There may be a lot of choices for budget guitars. However, when it comes to finding an instrument that offers affordability and quality is way more difficult. The guitar lasts long and would stay with you while you grow with your music. Hence, you must check this option out if you are out for buying your first instrument.


When buying the first guitar, it is very essential to choose the one that helps you begin a smoother musical journey. If you end up buying a guitar with poor craftsmanship and an ugly tone, you may feel terrible instead of soothing when playing your favorite note. There couldn’t be anything worse more than buying an inappropriate instrument that a beginner can experience.

That is why it is wise to focus a bit extra when choosing your first guitar. Most of the time, we do not have a proper understanding of what to expect. And other times, even if we know what to look for, we often do not have a clue of where to look. All these issues make it difficult for starters to follow the right path. Hence, the Yamaha F325 review aims at providing the necessary tips to those wanting to purchase this guitar. All the information you have been looking for is curated in one place, in this article. All you need to do is, read it carefully and find out if it is worth your attention or not.


The first thing to start with is the different specifications of the guitar that makes it unique from other choices. Hence, you must look closely at the specs and features and clear any doubts you have. This would help you in taking the right decision that would go a long way as you master the playing skills.

  • The guitar weighs 6.4 pounds
  • The total dimension: 41.9 X 20.8 X 5.5 inches
  • The sides and back are of Meranti wood
  • It has the nato neck
  • The bridge is of Rosewood
  • Also, the fingerboard is made of Rosewood
  • The tuners use die-cast chromes
  • It features the dreadnought body
  • Plus, the glossy finish is very attractive
  • Colour Available: Tobacco, Sunburst, and Natural
  • It offers a tortoiseshell pickguard
  • The company offers other gears with the purchase of the guitar. You get a digital tuner, extra strings, picks, DVD guitar lessons, and a gig bag
  • The tone quality is attractive and decent for all levels of guitarists
  • The guitar sticks to its tune for longer
  • It has a sturdy body


You must already know that the tonal quality of the acoustic guitar depends on the craftsmanship alongside the quality tonewoods. Hence, usually, the guitars under the $150 range sound cheap and hollow. Thankfully, this is not the case with Yamaha F325. Its tonal quality at such a budget is what makes this option such popular among beginners.

There are many better guitars in terms of sound quality, but all of them are expensive. At this budget, you may not consider this one for playing at big concerts, it would certainly help hone the playing skills. In other words, it is difficult to buy a guitar offering such sound quality.  

When strumming with a pick, the sounds seem hearteningly full. You can notice enough warmth you expect as well as lower ends filling out the sound. The experience of playing with this guitar could be astonishing for beginners. All you have to do it is trying this once. If you already are practicing on another make, you may want to shift on this choice right away.

Plus, it is the dreadnought acoustic guitar. The body shape of the F325D provides the sound of a lot of projection, in combination with volume and low end. F325D delivers all these benefits without any hassle. You would love to play this guitar when alone or performing for a small group. Your practice would also become reassuring when holding F325 in your hands.

The sound suits more for strumming genres like folk and pop or rock music. However, you may find it a bit disappointing when trying fingerstyle or other complex playing styles. With all the best parts it holds, it does have few limitations. And, you may have to compromise with those as a starter. But, as already mentioned, it does serve best for those looking to jump into guitar playing. And, mostly looking to hone their basics.


If you have ever experienced playing on the budget guitar, you will feel that extra effort you need to employ to make the sound work its magic.  These are usually complex instruments and pose difficulty to beginners when playing. While this completely is unfortunate as it slows down the learning graph, you can always pick the one that offers great playability. This is where the Yamaha F325 comes into the picture.

The guitar comes all set up right after you bring it out of the box. You can see how easy it is to play only after unboxing. The best part is that the guitar has no dead notes. Plus, it offers amazing intonation.

The only part that is troublesome to some is the chunky neck. This creates a problem for those with smaller hands in reaching out to the farther frets. Looking at the brighter side, this may come as a perk for the beginners as well. The larger neck makes it easy for getting used to the complicated new chord shapes providing more room for movement of fingers.

You may need to make some adjustments though. Because of the higher action settings, it becomes difficult for new players to require more strength to fret the strings. But this could considerably be treated well. You just need to adjust the bridge in order to lower the action. Remember not to do it yourself if you do not have much knowledge of the settings of the guitar. You can ask the experts to help you with the same.

Although the guitar has great sound quality and easy playability for some, it might come challenging to those with smaller hands. Children must not expect a delightful experience either with their tiny palms and immature fingers.

The Hardware

When buying a budget guitar, you must look at the quality of the Hardware. This is because the cheap guitars usually compromise on components such as the tuners, bridge, and nut. This causes a poor intonation in the guitar. And, it often leads to lack of tuning stability. Hence, guitars become unplayable sooner.

What makes Yamaha F325D really unique in terms of its offering is the reliable hardware settings. The guitar makes use of gold die-cast machine heads. This locks the tuning very well. Hence, the guitar stays tuned for longer, providing guitarists a better playing experience.

The credit also goes to the rosewood bridge. This helps in making the guitar sound more resonant. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the tuning for long term stability of intonations. Hence, beginners do not need to set up their guitars more often. Overall, the guitar features decent quality hardware according to the budget that it offers. Plus, the entire construction is very applaudable. It is rare to find such an option at this price tag. The Yamaha F325 review inspires us to look through the choices and try this one for getting best results.

Build Quality

Build quality matters a lot when it comes to achieving desirable tonal results from an acoustic guitar. Most of the time, budget-friendly guitars use the lowest quality tonewoods highlighting the obvious flaws even firmer.

But Yamaha has always given extra attention to the build quality of its guitars. Either it’s a low budget instrument or an expensive one, the company does not let the poor quality tonewood disturb the other features of the guitar. Yamaha follows a precise manufacturing technique that offers amazing quality. And, F325 follows the league too balancing between affordability and build quality to bring the best out of it.

The guitar possesses a classic large dreadnought body. It features meranti back and sides. Plus, a laminated spruce top to complete the looks. Although meranti isn’t a very expensive tonewood, it does provide a decent balance of tonal character. And, when combined with the spruce top, it turns the sound a lot excited for beginners and few experts too.

The well-built structure of this guitar also features nice bracing. Therefore, making the guitar great at projecting powerful volume and tone. In addition, the nato neck connects firmly to the body, making it a lot sturdier and balanced when playing. The rosewood fingerboard alongside uniform frets provides a smooth playing experience to the beginners. It has a perfect feel and finishes to woo the player at all times.

Overall, players have often written Yamaha F325 review taking about the great looks and decent aesthetics. Although it has a simple gloss finish spread over the natural wood, it does own charisma to its appearance. With a classy yet bossy teardrop style pickguard, F325 brings the music to another level.

In short, the guitar is perfect for beginners sorting all the limitations that budget guitars often bring with them.

Yamaha F325 Review – Pros/Cons

It is always better to stay informed and make the right decision that helps us taste the sweetness of the music later when it comes to opting for the right guitar. You cannot just pick the one falling straight in your hands. If not for anything else, you must be choosy for the first guitar that helps you learn how to play.

  • The guitar provides astonishing sound production.
  • You will not have to tune the guitar regularly as it sticks to its settings for longer.
  • It offers stable intonation and consistent playing results.
  • Beginners would feel fun when playing with this guitar.
  • It has a sturdy body.
  • Most of the settings are already completed when packaged for shipping.
  • Affordable and budget-friendly.
  • It does not have an electric output option.
  • The straps aren’t there on the sides.
  • Yamaha does not provide a case for the guitar.

The Conclusion

Many of us often feel that finding a budget guitar would only lead us to cheap ones. However, the good news is that the cheap ones are not the only alternatives. You can find better guitars at a low price, just need to look harder. Yamaha has always provided guitarists with various options. It has excelled at providing instruments for all levels of players. What remains similar in all the series is the reliability the company offers.

All the guitars, including F325, are made using decent or high-quality tonewood. There isn’t any compromise you would find that affects the overall quality of the instrument. With the Yamaha F325 review, we can conclude that this instrument does have an edge over other low price guitars. And, it is worth trying. If you are a beginner, you must not miss the chance to look further and grab F325 to know what difference it could make. You would learn faster with the ease it provides.

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