Looking for a budget guitar that does not compromise on the quality, what else other than Yamaha. While many know Yamaha for manufacturing motorcycles, and boats, the company has over 60 years of experience in designing guitars as well. The manufacturing of guitar is based out in Japan and the instruments are loved around the globe for its exceptional quality when assessed as per their budget prices. And, like every other best guitar offered by Yamaha, F335 is also highly desirable. It makes no exception in attracting those musicians who love amazing tonal sound coupled with low prices. The Yamaha F335 review clarifies all the right reasons why it is known to be such a huge success among guitarists.

The best part about this guitar is that it is liked by musicians of all levels. The most difficult part is when you go out looking for an affordable option that produces the kind of music you desire. However, with Yamaha F335, you would never be disappointed. Either it’s your first guitar lesson, or you want to carry a backup instrument for a small concert, F335 would always impress when needed.


Those who love playing on an acoustic guitar must try Yamaha F335 at least once in their playing career. This does deserve a chance from every musician. This is because of its high accessibility and great musical taste that has provided it’s the popularity it owns. It is more like a traditional dreadnought guitar. With 40.5 inches long and 16.2 inches wide, it does have a body that you would love to cuddle around.

Yamaha F335
Yamaha F335

Read this Yamaha F335 review if you wish to know more about the ways this guitar could help you find out your sound like a beginner or give you back the college days if you are an expert and have shifted long back to the electric guitars.

The nice sound that it creates and the ease of handling is what you can expect from this little star. A very precise design that matches the preferences of anyone who love to play the right notes, while sounding awesome.


As mentioned before, the guitar is 40.5 inches long and 16.2 inches wide. You can very well guess the way it would feel when sitting close on your lap. The F335 consists of a meranti bod along with a laminated spruce top. It is not like the older models and is pretty unique in its own way. It has made use of the mahogany neck to further enhance the strength as well as the overall quality of the instrument. Coming down to the scale length, the F335 features a 25-inch scale length with 20 frets. To be precise, among those 20 frets, 14 are accessible.

If you are reading the Yamaha F335 review to find out what makes it different from the guitars of the similar price range, you are in the right place. F335 does possess qualities that make it stand out among the guitars of a similar budget. To start with, Yamaha F335 is designed to provide a slightly narrower neck and uses 10mm of distance for string spacing. This design upgrade is helpful for those who are used to playing electric guitar or have smaller hands.

A lot of expert players have often commented on how easier it becomes when playing with a guitar that has a narrow neck. This is because it assists in faster chord changes. However, one must note that finger play could seem hard with such a design.

It has a rosewood fingerboard with Tortoiseshell pickguard. The rosewood bridge is also a clever inclusion in the design. The tuners are golden died and look awesome.


The company is known for surprising users with its variety of offerings. Even when it comes to color choice, musicians can pick from a few choices, instead of just a single option. Usually, Yamaha F335 features an aged color which is the standard one. However, F335 does have other variations. You can find the tobacco brown sunburst color. It seems more like an old-school color with a rock & roll feeling. In this variant, the company has made use of a different type of neck wood, Nato instead of Meranti.

The other color available is the evergreen solid black. Black is the most energetic color of all, and it provides the same aura to this guitar as well. It includes the same material for crafting fretboard, neck, and top. Apart from that, the sound remains exactly as luscious as it with the other variants.

Yamaha has always been known for its great products, either its automobile or musical instruments, it has always performed magically at every front. And, this F335 is no different from the league of popular instruments that Yamaha manufactures.

Apart from all the good things, you must be expecting flaws as it is a budget guitar. And, there is something that may disappoint you a bit. It’s the finish of the guitar that looks cheap and is one of the weakest points. Instead of using the real wood, the guitar’s laminate finish feels unreal. This does create a bad first impression. Because of the plastic feel, that comes from the low-quality wood being overly laminated, the guitar’s first impression could turn anyone down. This has not only affected the looks of the instrument but has also brought with itself some imperfections in the sound quality as well.


When talking about the sound and tone that this guitar produces, you must not expect to hear the music that comes from solid wood. But it’s great for a laminate build. You can feel the fuller tone which seems resonant when looking at how low the price is tagged for F335. Let us turn to the sustain of the guitar. You must expect it to be a shorter medium range. Guitarists love to work with fast strumming along with hard strokes more of held-out notes.

F335 offers catching spruce tone as well as provides considerate tone clarity. You can experience a slight overdrive as well, giving the overall sound a nice effect. In short, if your love s strumming, there is not really much to complain about. However, for those complex fingerpicking that requires fast runs through the strings and frets, you may need to make some adjustments.

Tuning for Better Results

Almost every cheap guitar cannot be termed as perfect right after unboxing and F335 is no different. While many Yamaha F335 review would tell you that the guitar is not for beginners. However, this is not true. On the contrary, it needs some fixing to make it easy for learners to take full advantage of this cheap guitar.

To start with, one must work a bit to make the action low. While this is the most usual challenge among cheap guitars, it does not take much effort to fix this up. By adjusting the truss rod, one can easily lower the action. If you do not have the expertise to do that, you can always look for assistance. Any experienced player would be able to help.

Again, if you are a beginner, you may not know how the strings must be tuned to set the perfect tone free. There are sellers who often adjust the strings before shipping. However, the long routes and changing transportation do hamper the settings before the guitar reaches us. So, why not consult someone who knows how to tune strings for best results. A little tweaking could help you find out the sound that you must have been expecting from this amazing acoustic guitar.

If you are highly goal-oriented and cannot compromise with the quality of strings connected with F335, you can always upgrade the strings. This won’t cost much but could bring considerable change to the entire tone quality. You can check some of the high-quality strings and change it with the ones shipped with Yamaha F335.


Are you a beginner? If that is the case, you may find struggling with the action height issue. As mentioned before, most of the budget-friendly guitars come along with this issue. And, the same problem comes handy with Yamaha F335 as well. As it’s the case with the other cheap guitars, the action is quite high. This can slow down beginners as they usually lack the required finger strength which builds on with practice.

But, as illustrated before, you can use an expert’s help to bring this issue to its minimum damage. Instead of compromising with high action and facing difficulties when pressing harder, you can adjust the truss rod. And, Yamaha F335 does offer an adjustable truss rod. It is easy to handle. And, if you have any idea how to do that, you can also fix it yourself. There are few videos that showcase the adjustment of a truss rod in F335.

Apart from that, it plays well. And, the inclusion of the narrower neck does make it easy for young players to keep going while reaching the frets with fuller hands.

What Makes Yamaha F335 Great For Campfire Setups?

Also, one must note that the guitar is a perfect mate for campfire nights. According to the Yamaha F335 reviews collected from musicians, this is a perfect campfire thing. So, what makes it so good for bringing in along with the other essential gears to the campfire spot?

It is a budget-friendly guitar. Because campfire sessions are rough and could end up damaging your belongings including guitars, you must opt for a cheap option. And, F335 does sit right on the list when it comes to choosing the best among low priced instruments. Along with that, it must be lightweight. Or else, you would be tired of carrying it along on a road trip that heads to the campfire spot which may include a lot of walking. How would you be playing if you would already be exhausted carrying a heavy instrument? Once again F335 ticks the right box. Last but not the least, the sound quality. Isn’t why you are carrying this extra baggage for? If it does not entertain, why would you even bother to carry it along? That is why F335 is the best companion for campfire trips.  

Build Quality

As we have already talked a lot about the specification of t F335, let u keep this section short. Although being a cheap option and not among the best-built guitars on the market, it does appear to be solid. With a sturdy spruce top, it is easy to handle. This is mostly because of the lowly cut of the wood.

Plus, the sides with meranti touch do make some noise. However, you can still feel the budget constraints. Meranti is still cheap wood. And, because it feels like plastic, it does not woo most of the musicians an affection with the high-quality guitar body.

Yamaha F335 Review – Pros/Cons

The guitar is a budget guitar. However, it has many great qualities that make it stand out from the rest companions. But it does have some limitations that need a bit of stir.


  • You can feel good after holding the guitar in your hands, it is comfortable with narrower neck
  • It is a fun instrument best suited for small gathering, road side attention and campfires performances.
  • It provides consistent sound quality
  • It often retains its tone and stays loyal during plays


  • The wood quality is high questionable
  • Needs some setup before making it favourable playing instrument for beginners.
  • Versatility is missing. Mostly good for jamming and strumming. However, great option for practicing though.

The Conclusion

To be blunt, it is nothing more than a toy in the hands of the experts. However, for beginners, this guitar certainly appears to be one of the best options. It could become the best starting point in the musical journey of those learning how to play guitar. This may not be the best option out there, but it does earn a fair chance.

With many good features and qualities, while keeping the budget in mind, Yamaha F335 review does make it sound like a deserving choice for beginners and intermediates.

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